The trend of uniqueness through specialization is not only seen in the commercial and service sector, but also in the restaurant category.
We can easily make a distinction between restaurants, through ethnic orientation and with specialized theme concepts. Obviously, combinations of these categories exist. What really counts is the entertainment and amusement experience guests receive.

Food and drink alone are no guarantee of success. The time spent in the restaurant needs to place an emphasis on food, fun and entertainment. A successful concept should contribute to a perceived, or real, increase in the enjoyment of life.

• An appealing, yet down-to-earth ambiance
• Excellent location
• Good food at competitive price/value
• Excellent service
• Amusement/Entertainment

These are the criteria a customer uses when selecting a location to meet friends and associates, eat and just enjoy being there. Last but not least, moderate prices play a crucial role. It is critical that customers are able to afford an initial visit, and want to return….again and again.

JOECHAMPS-Sports Bar & Event Restaurant meets this challenge.

JOE CHAMPS is an authentic Sport and Event Bar & Restaurant, with a focus on sporting events…..of all kinds. In this atmosphere, socializing is a key component; you have fun, enjoy watching your favourite sport and…. it NEVER gets boring.

JOE ChAMPS offers sport events, which are interesting to local guests. Through their international organization JOE CHAMPS is able to attract international sport champions and associations, as well as gain support of international companies as sponsors for general performances or for specific sporting events.

JOE CHAMPS offers an excellent restaurant and food service concept, a leading personnel development concept as well as an unique event management organization that covers international, national and regional aspects of sporting events.

Originally, the menu was based on American cuisine. Now, the menu has been expanded to meet the health-consciousness of the target customer. The prime motive of this expansion was to provide the finest in healthy dining, in an international tradition, using only the finest ingredients available. A key component of the new menu is an impressive choice of freshly-made salads. Typical local food and drinks can easily be integrated into the concept.

JOE CHAMPS combines excellent, healthy food, with the most popular leisure activity in the world: Sports!

JOE CHAMPS offers non-stop daily sports programs on up to 40 individual video screens and several large-screens. Due to modern satellite technology, world-wide sporting events are available for viewing. The screens are individually controlled and provide an up-to-date presentation of all major sporting events; complemented by fun, entertainment and authentic commentaries.

Supported by VJ's and DJ's, sporting mega-events become a memorable party experience.

For special events, a stage is also available. Professional transmission technology enables "live-interactive" shows with leading sports figures and other interesting personalities involved in the sporting industry. Sports clubs and associations support these special events with equipment give-aways and other promotions.

JOE CHAMPS is an ideal place to gather and socialize. You can meet friends at JOE CHAMPS for happy hour, at the end of the work-day, or later on, after the cinema to finish the day.

Is there a better place to meet than in neighbourhood bar? Where else can you meet friends so casually…. and make new ones? JOE CHAMPS combines this with the excitement of sports. We think you will agree, it is more appealing to have a great dinner and watch sports with friends and like-minded people than to sit alone at home eating popcorn or potato chips.

The interior design of JOE CHAMPS deliberately stands out from other restaurant concepts. The style is not rustic, but lively, fresh and sports-oriented; without being frigid or modernistic.

JOE CHAMPS - young, sporting and full of action.